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In order to serve you better, please read the information below:

1) I give my permission to receive massage therapy.
2) I understand that therapeutic massage is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment or medications.
3) I understand that the massage therapist does not diagnose illnesses or injuries, or prescribe medications.
4) I acknowledge that it is my sole responsibility to secure any and all medical clearances to receive massage

5) I understand the risks associated with massage therapy include, but are not limited to:
                • Superficial bruising
                • Short-term muscle soreness
                • Exacerbation of undiscovered injury
     I therefore release the company and the individual massage therapist from all liability concerning these injuries 

     that may occur during the massage session. 

6) I understand the importance of informing my massage therapist of all medical conditions and medications I am

    taking, and to let the massage therapist know about any changes to these. I understand that there may be

    additional risks based on my physical condition. 

7) I understand that it is my responsibility to inform my massage therapist of any discomfort I may feel during the

    massage session so he/she may adjust accordingly. 

8) I understand this is professional business with a strict policy prohibiting harassment of employee or unlawful

9) I acknowledge that I have sufficient understanding of massage therapy, and I have been adequately informed

    and provided sufficient opportunity to ask questions. I hereby give my informed consent to receive massage

     therapy service.

10) I understand that I or the massage therapist may terminate the session at any time.